Power supply double check

I’m pretty sure this is OK, but just want to double check - my power supply is a 9V 500mA, center pin positive (+), outer collar negative (-).

The specs at http://mutable-instruments.net/shruti1/specs say 300mA. I’m still OK at 500mA, right?

500mA is the max current the supply can source. The Shruti-1 won’t draw as much, so it’ll be fine.

Thanks Olivier!

So mine should also be ok: 12v center positive, 750mA?

yup. you can use that one even to power two shruthis at the same time. more convenient than having individual wall warts for eacht shruthi…

wait, in the specs it says “7.5v-9v” – so 12v would be too high. is this new?
on my acrylic cases, it says “7v-12v”. i think i have used 12v in the past without frying any of my shruthis.

12V is fine, as long as it is 12V. The problem is that some power supply labelled 12V have peaks above 15V, and this is not good.

i see. better safe than sorry.

i have a 9 volt but its “+ C- " and not " C- +”

does that matter?

Oh yes it does! Fortunately there’s a diode protecting the circuit from reverse polarity… still it will not work, do not try this.