[Power supply] Could I use a 12 V PSU?

I own a PSU with an output of 12V = 0.5A, with on the center.

Could I use it for my Shruthi, or should I get a lower voltage, i.e. 9V, PSU ?


Frequent answer:

It will get burning hot and your PSU might output more than 12V without load so it might instantly kill
your Shruthi (especially the LT1054) - but go ahead, we are skilled at remote troubleshooting :wink:

See here , also.

I’ll certainly need your troubleshooting skills :wink:

I sometimes like it hot but I won’t put myself into trouble, so I’ll follow your advice and get me a 9V PSU.


Get a switching power PSU that can do reliable 7.5v like this

I power 3 Shruthis with one…