Power Jack source in germany

Does somebody have a source in germany for the Shruti DC power jack or some jacks to give away? Just ordered from Reichelt and Mouser and don´t know how to reach 65,- Euro at digikey. I need three (2 x MidiALF, 1 x Shruti).

This should be exactly what you are looking for:

Exactly three !

Got these earlier this week myself, and they are fine.

They look like the jacks I bought from Reichelt. These legs don´t fit into the little holes on the pcb´s.

Depends on your PCB … they fit on the Shruthi SMR4 filter board, for example, but not on the dual SVF filter board (which has the ‘little holes’).

Then again, they do fit on the Ambika, Anushri and Eurorack Tester.

You’re right that the midiALF has little holes as well, so I have the same problem as you, as my midiALF is somewhere between California and Germany right now …

The holes on MI Hardware were made bigger on the Transition to Rev 0.7 Digital Board, so all “older” Boards have the smaller holes. Just File down the ecxess 0.2mm. Or if you are impatient like me use a Knipex Cutter :wink:

Perhaps with some bits of wire and a little creative soldering …

Ah yes, cutting … good idea.

Knipex is the way to go. And the big R in Germany has the stuff you need.

i had to order some with little legs from smallbear. my cutter isn’t knipex, not even european probably, so instead of cutting it preferred bending the reichelt legs.

My reichelt jacks have flat legs with holes. I think when I bend them only the holes will remain.

I had a look at the waiting PCBs: The Yellow Magic filter board has big holes. So the Reichelt jacks will work well. But MidiALF and Digital FX filter board have little holes. Because I soldered the DigiFX jack onto one MidiALF to get forward I only need two jacks with little legs.

Perhaps “creative soldering” will work but the jack is a mechanical stressed (o. k. not really stressed) part and I would like to build it as solid as possible.

Just cut the legs from your Jack and solder some Wires (legs from diodes etc…) to the board and the jack to these Wires.

So perhaps creative soldering + glue, to make it solid ?

For the midiALF you are probably making your own case (well, I will be …), so in that case (…) you can use something like this: http://www.ebay.de/itm/190812334969

i usually try to keep especially the psu parts as solid as possible i.e. as specified.

that’s the dc jack

when wondering what else to buy from smallbear these look like needed soon too :wink:
well, maybe…

but if you need just one of those dc jacks i can send you one

" … these look like needed soon too :wink: "

Always some suspense on this forum … what could this be again ? And why ‘maybe’ ?

just ‘maybe’ because it looks as if the holes would fit such a jack but i just don’t know. could be something else i need too :wink:
edit: oh i was referring to the new diy treat wooden pcb

that last dc jack picture strangely reminds me of a capybara

Olivier, please! We need capybara pictures.

haha true!