Power 3 Shruthis from a single PSU?

Sorry for my lack in electronic design. I’m wondering if and how can I power my 3 Shruthis with a single PSU (mine are rated with 9V - 1100 mA) from which run 3 cables plugged in each Shruthi ?

Thanks for your help !

Hédi K.

So long as the PSU can actually deliver the stated current. Many can’t.

I think that would be sufficient, even if it delivers only 700 or 800mA :smiley:

I have run as many as four Shruthis on a Godlyke Powerall…

Basically, as long as your power supply still delivers at least +7 volts when all three Shruthi-1’s are connected you’re in business :slight_smile:

Titus Raindrops chooses a sensible approach though, by opting for a regulated PSU whose voltage remains exactly the same whatever the load.


Is it interesting to make our own PSU ?
Someone has already done ? or possesses plans?


Pretty easy, if you’re doing the unregulated version you just need a normal DC PSU schematic and then leave out the parts after the smoothing capacitors after the bridge rectifier

Go for a step down transformer that output 7 or 7.5 volts AC, that way the regulator in the Shuthi-1 won’t run so hot.

You can do a regulated version too, some of the MIDIBox forum members have added a crowbar circuit to their PSUs. In the event of a problem it ensures the fuse blows quick and protects the device attached to the PSU.

Obviously for the Shruthi-1 this isn’t so essential as the ICs are widely available, but for people using 4-8 SID chips that are becoming expensive it is a worthwhile investment.

Thx Punk, and to be like the Godlyke PA-9 B, with several output ?
You have an idea ?

Thanks all for your clever inputs ! … and a special thanks for schrab and his schematic !

Hédi K.

Wonderfull shem

Lol schrab!

That’s all about little differencies =)