I am looking for some nice pots for the Shruthi-1 digital board. I bought ALPS - RK09K11310KB (1191725 from Farnell), and I am very disappointed with the poor quality loose feel. The pots that come with the Shruthi-1 kits are very nice, so I am looking for something like these.

Any suggestions which ones I should get and where I should buy them?


Huhhh… Alps parts are supposed to be of high quality! But it’s true that the first beta tester of the Shruthi did not like them and was looking for something with a sturdier response. He liked the Panasonic parts better but they did not fit mechanically (very long shaft).

I get mine straight out of the factory in HK, by batches of 1000 :smiley: Apparently, the guys who make them sell a lot to the hi-fi component market.

Maybe you can give a try at Bourns PTV09A-4025F-B103 ; they seem to be quite similar to the Alpha Taiwan parts used for the WTPA, but might suffer from the same “light” feel.

I am all ears about alternative PCB-mounted parts.

yes, you are right, actually its the “light” feel I am complaining about, not necessarily the build quality :wink:

I bought some pots with longer shafts once. Can’t remember the brand, but I think I got them from Farnell. I ended up simply sawing off the top 1cm or so, and they where fine. Incidentally, I’ve found it necessary in the past to file the square plastic ‘nipple’ on the top of tact-switches in order to get the caps to fit. I think I got those particular ones from RS Components, as the Farnell part was a US order, hence an extra £16 delivery, and a long wait.


I bought 652-PTV09A-4025FB103 and I find them too wobbly. I could not find the specked pots from the BOM. I guess it’s good research as I plan to build a second Shruthi. Once I build my second Shruthi, maybe I’ll try to replace these pots.

I know I’m replying to an old post, but there a lot Shruthi PCBs being sold. I sourced my own parts. I really like the Shruthi, it’s a brilliant synth and an awesome DIY project!

I can recommend the Alpha potentiometers they sell at thonk.co.uk, e.g. these: Alpha 9mm Pots – Vertical D-Shaft – Thonk – DIY Synthesizer Kits & Components

I actually have some of those green pots except they’re the round version. I put it side by side with the other Bourns potentiometer I used and they are the same height. Those Bourn pots are extra tall, the green pot has a slightly higher mount. I’m going to use those green pots for my next build. Thanks for that tip.

Please note that there are hundreds of pot models from various manufacturers that look exactly like this but feel VERY differently. To my experience, Alpha has the best feel.