Potentiometers - some are too easy to turn

When shopping for pots, what parameter tells me how hard the potentiometer will be to turn?

I have pots from the Shruthi kit that are great and have a bit of resistance when you turn them, making the sweeping of the knob really smooth.

Then I have pots I ordered from the Ambika BOM that are too easy to turn so I want to replace them. If anyone has the mouser part for the pots the Shruthi kit comes with that would also be helpful. Thanks.

The MI Pots are custom made and tailored to have this feeling…

… feeling warm and fuzzy inside ?

I want that warm and fuzzy feeling on my Ambika!

I guess Olivier will happily share his specs - you just need to order a few thousands….

As far as I remember the MI pots are custom, made by Polyshine in China. But, some more serious manufacturers like Alps, who everybody seems to have copied, probably list the torque required to turn the pot axle, or some such.

I dont need that much pot…didnt realize they are special order. I’ll check some more data sheets and figure it out maybe by trial and error, thanks all.

What makes the pot move so nice is the lubrication of the axis. Maybe you have access to some nice grease for machines (i use NSK PS2 for my laser cutters - now thats one of the few points where a nice piece of good ole Butter doesn’t make things better :wink: ) you could apply with a syringe and test. Might be easier than ordering 100s of pots……

On the topic of pot feels:

Oh yeah, the good ole Panasonic 9mm pots; I have those in my x0xen and such and they’re nice. You could just re-grease a pot with a different silicon grease having more or less viscosity, there ought to be some mention of that over at Muff’s I could be arsed to dig for it…

Nice bleo, that may work! I will try them out. Will probably try to grease them first. I get used to the way the pots feel on the Ambika and it’s not bad, but when I go back to my Shruthi it makes me realize how much better those are to turn…

It’s good to have a little resistance. The pots on my various self-sourced Shruthi-1s have wildly different feels (though all are perfectly functional).