Potentiometer of EM-1 Korg

Could you help me find this component.
This is a volume potentiometer of a EM-1 Korg

did you find the answer?
here’s the service manual (I’m troubleshooting a broken em-1 myself), check there:

Looks like a fairly standard 9mm upright PCB mounted pot. The D-shaft axle seems to be 25/15 overall/d-shape in length. Also, it has a bushing. My best bet is that it’s a Panasonic pot. The value has to be in the service manual.

It has two pairs of legs, I wonder for what…

Doh! I should have clicked the picture instead of just blazing along. It’s definately an Alps. I guess the extra legs means it has a switch. Then it will be harder to find… The remedy here is probably to get in touch with Korg service.

yes the extra pair of legs stands for a switch.

It looks a bit like this one
but we have to find the right length now…

edit : this one looks a bit closer

There were a couple of metal shaft pots with bushings that had longer shafts, the issue then is if the bushing fits in the panel hole, or if you have to drill a bigger one…

Edit: I saw you found it…

But hertek’s potentiometer is not supposed to be screwed. I’m quite curious about the brand of this thing.

It’s still an Alps. Just the variant without a bushing. The similar (compatible replacements) Panasonic EVU-F don’t come in any switched variants at Mouser as far as I could see.

Its a stereo pot. with no switch.

Blimey! Didn’t know those were made in 9mm.


ding ding ding! we have a winner

a stereo potentiometer with only 5 pins? Shared “ground”? That’s pretty weird.

I don’t know, have a look at the schematic.
It also says in the link that it’s a volume pot from the korg EM-1.

yeah, i saw that. Anyway, for $5, this link provided by ikke is kind of a no-brainer :slight_smile:

Yes, it shares the ground connection.

I’m sorry, I was away for some time. It’s good for me, I found the component near my house in order. Thank you for your research.
Now I have the full service manual, it’s great.

hi, sorry to up this old old topic
but i have kind of the exact same problem, but the component is out of stock forever on the guitar part link, and some electronic lab in brussel told me they couldnt find the pot in their network of retailers.
does anyone know if this could work with the Alps pot you found that looks pretty similar to me (visually) ? what should i do ?
i have that broken es1 that was really a super nice instrument, i bought another one, but now i dont know what to do with this one, since it just doesnt work, i think i can try anything, it wont break it more.