Post-build: what is best about Shruthi

Maybe this has been posted before, but I’m curious what builders experienced when they first finished their Shruthi project. What was interesting given the experience of building? What did they enjoy the most in terms of functionality, sound, and the general possibilities of this new instrument that lay before them…?

If this has already been posted, could someone direct me to the thread?

well, since you’re interested in it, how about sharing some of your own findings? would make the topic less vague too

The NOISE! :wink:

Seriously the Shruthi with SMR4 MKII filter has a distinct sound i fell in love with. Especially for electro/electro house this box is a neverending well of cool sounds easy to get, which cost you on other buyable synths a lot of time and work to create. I like the streamlined worklflow with the tactile switches and pots, event without programmer/controller this tiny box is a lot of fun. And polychaining with a polivoks is the next thing for me to continue. Even that feature is not common on other synths (with few exceptions).

@rosch: i would comment, but since I don’t yet have a Shruthi, i thought (selfishly) other members could share some of their experience (inspiring me to order a kit and get building)

i’m mostly interested in the workflow, particular sounds, and any unique and interesting features…

We are all to busy writhing excerpts to convince you getting a Shruhti, either cause we are already at the next Mutable Instruments Project or just make some Music with our Mutable Instruments Gear :wink: Just get one and see for yourselves. Shop reopens January 5th.

ah i see…
what i liked with MI from the very beginning is that the boards are of such good quality and really work with the parts. means, you don’t need any bending equipment, no fantasy pad distances like in so many other projects. also, should you decide to read the build instructions before starting to build, they’re really helpful, step by step advice.
when i made my first builds i was surprised that it took just a few hours even though i took it easy, and that it actually worked on first try.
and if not, it was always something stupid and easy to fix, like missing connector, missing jumper, missing psu hehehe

For me, the best part is that it’s a hybrid synth… it can do sounds that analogue synths cannot, but still sound very analog and with a powerful strength to it… in other words; it’s unique wich is exactly what I like. Starting to talk about what feature is best is pointless, cause every feature is cool when needed.

Only thing that dissapoints me is that the SyxEx checksum cannot be ignored from the Shruthi-1’s side… it’s basically the only irritating thing for me.

Hybrid synth, definitely. It’s the best of both worlds. The digital portion allows it to stay in tune, the sound portion is analogue. It sounds like a instrument with it’s own character. Which ‘instrument’ depends on which filter board you choose. IMHO, although the Shruthi can be integrated with ‘computer workflow’, it doesn’t sound like a computer generated sound (at least any I’ve heard).

IMHO, a composition with all digitally perfect sounds (even if they’re different sounds, drums, bass, soft synth, whatever) sounds ‘sterile.’ Some contrast or ‘spice’ can add a lot.

An acoustic instrument would add contrast. A Shruthi would add contrast. (8 bit chip analogue has a unique sound)

Also, Mutable is really good about ‘holding your hand’ through the entire build process, and the forum is friendly and they actually ‘know their stuff.’

Well thanks, everyone. I will be ordering my Shruthi kit soon, with the Mission filter board (I have long wanted an Oberheim).

I have seen a milky-white enclosure on the Mission Shruthi online…does anyone know how to get one?

Contact fcd72 on the forum, or search for the “custom cases” thread, he’s the doing them :slight_smile:

Just contact forum member fcd72 . He is making the official Mutable Instruments’ cases and the custom ones too.

edit : posted that the same time as V’cent :slight_smile:

Hédi K.

It sounds ace and it works like a dream paired with my Elektron Machine Drum especially being able to do midi prigram changes. Creating what sounds like 2 complimenting parts on one track, keeping other tracks free for more messing

for me it really fills in the cracks between my tinny chiptune garbage and my massive rock god tone :wink: