Possibly rubbish idea for Shruthi but thought I'd mention it

Given how long it takes to build a Shruthi filter board and how limited space is. Would it be useful to have a filter board that is just a power supply and connector which accepts a pre-built SMD filter module?

To change filters would be case of sliding another board in.

I know this makes it a semi-DIY product then, but it’s just something I thought of once.

I think that part of the magic of the Shruthi is it´s DIY


Do It Yourself For Me

Why would I spend my time on that vs designing a new synth or a new module? Heck, for almost the same cost I can bring to market a new eurorack filter that would get 5x or 10x more people interested…

True, I did think it wasn’t worth your time :slight_smile:

It’s certainly something that would be handy for users. Although if any of them would actually spend their money on it is another thing entirely.

6581punk, you can achieve something like you want to do with a bit of DIY case design, and not stacking the boards (which also has the advantage of being able to actually see the pretty filter boards).

I’ve got two other filter boards (Dual SVF and TubeOhm’s ladder) with the same connectors, so can change in a couple of minutes. Still involves a screwdriver, sure …

That’s a cool idea. But I thought of the idea because of the limitations on component counts on the through hole board and the difficulty of DIY surface mount.

Like I said, it was rubbish idea :slight_smile:

The coolest idea is to build just more digital boards, as in “every FilterBoard deserves a DigitalBoard”.
Two Filters per Digital board is a bit like Bigamy……

Theres always a Master and an Apprentice - Master Yoda

I did end up doing that for most filter boards anyway … just ordered another two digital boards … hum ho.

Still, I like actually seeing the filter board: they are worth being seen !

Are Filter Boards narcistic? I had a very conceited Drummer who insisted to have a tilted mirror over the Drumset for Live so if people couldn’t see him because of his Zildjan Collection (hell, who needs 8 Cymbals in a SetUp??? - probably someone who also needs 2 HiHats, 2 Snares and a 40" Gong……) could at least see him from above.
We dismissed him for not wanting to lug around his pile of gear and bad timing, the first being more important.

> We dismissed him for not wanting to lug around his pile of gear and bad timing, the first being more important.

The drummer has never a bad timing. The band has.

I would have loved to have the filter boards of the Shruthi inverted like on the Anushri, so you could flip the unit and see the filter in all it´s glory.

Such a nice layout, such nice graphics, such nice component alignment (I try) goes to waste once boxed!

And although I am loving the sturdiness and quality of the metal enclosures, I can´t decide what Shruthi to put in because I feel that I won´t see it again!

Than just blame it to our lacking ability to snap to his wobbly groove :wink:

I just had an idea.
It seems that people like building the filter boards, but don’t like building the digital ones. How much would it cost to make runs of digital boards?
I know this is pointless as the special edition kits are going to be released with all components, but I am just curious if building digital boards in this manner has been thought of. They are the hardest to repair - that darn screen. It could make the Shruthi even more beginner friendly.

The digital board was really easy to build. I don’t see what the problem is with them?

Nothing wrong with them. It just seems that people either have or want to have more filter boards than digital boards. Having the option to buy a pre-assembled digital board may make sense in this case.

Are we becoming lazy DIYers? :slight_smile:

I think that’s the point of the digital board. It has multiple modes, therefore a wider sonic spectrum.

I actually sold mine when I was desperate for cash, I’m going over to the store now to get another :slight_smile:

I think he meant digital control board, not the digital filter.

Anyway, organizing industrial production is not worth it for something whose target market is the population of this forum… and who is supposed to be the “hardcore DIYers” :slight_smile:

I did mean the control board.
I just thought I would ask because ways to connect multiple filters to one control board “easily” seems to be a common topic. The best solution is to just build another digital control board.

While mass producing control boards is not an option for the current Shruthi, I would recommend giving it a look into for future DIY products from MI.

Also, the biggest issue for beginners is fixing an issue/replacing the screen. It requires very specific tools or techniques. Not too much of a problem for “hardcore” DIYers.