Possible to start shruthi seq without sending a "note on"?

Hey folks, I’m trying to shrink down my live rig. It feels like for the minimal techno stuff having a 16 step sequencer that is manipulated live is totally sufficient. However I am always fighting with the sequencer to get it started. I have it set to external sync and it is receiving MIDI clock from my sonic potions LXR. However I feel like I have to constantly switch the shruthi mode and MIDI transmit filter settings on the LXR to get the shruthi seq to free-run. After reading some posts on this forum I think what is happening is that I am getting the LXR to send a note on message and then changing the filter settings before the note off is received in order to sustain a note going into the shruthi.

This is not a satisfying way to solve this problem at all. Am I missing an obvious way that I can get the internal shruthi sequencer to free-run with no external gear? Seems like a lack of such an option is pretty crippling, even if the sequencer is meant to be played in conjunction with a MIDI controller. I have gotten some pretty compelling results by just using the sequencer on it’s own.

Thanks for answering my possibly noobish question. I am still getting used to the shruthi and memorizing where all of the menu options are etc.