Possible to offset Plaits internal VCA?

I’m using an external envelope generator module (Klavis Quadigy) to control the internal VCAs in Plaits. Apparently there is a slight offset on the envelope generator’s output CV that results in the Plaits signal “bleeding” though when the envelope generator is idle. This is very audible with bass sounds in quiet parts of music or during pauses, but also a problem with any other sound.
Since there is nothing I can really do about the mV coming out of the EG (except offsetting the CV with a separate module, which is impractical for me), I’m wondering if Plaits VCAs can be offset (say ±15mV via it’s OS, and if it is possible to have this offset be programmable (pressing and holding a button and then turning a knob).
A programmable offset for the level input on Plaits could solve many headaches I’m facing when I use Plaits as bass and lead voice in a live situation or recording session.

In case anyone is wondering, the offsets on my EG are:
Ch1 12.9mV
Ch2 9.9mV
Ch3 1.9mV
Ch4 7.8mV

And I’m already using CH3 and 4 to avoid bleed through, but it isn’t enough.

You can simply run the calibration procedure with that offset plugged into the LEVEL input. The module will then “learn” that this voltage should correspond to zero.

I’d recommend doing this once and for all for the largest offset (12.9mV), I don’t think it will be a big problem if your other envelopes are slightly negatively offset.

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This is amazing news! :star_struck:
I’m using @lylem s firmware (octave switching and frequency locking) because I find it very handy in live situations.
This is the one: Plaits with frequency locking and aux crossfade (alt firmware) - #20 by lylem

I hope I can figure out if the calibration procedure with the alternative firmware. Seems like I have to reflash the original, calibrate and then flash the alternative, if I understand correctly.

Since this firmware update provides no way of accessing the calibration procedure, you’ll have to install the official firmware, calibrate, and go back to the world of fancy alt firmware :slight_smile:


Emilie is correct re: the firmware you linked to, just wanted to point out that the newer revision of my frequency locking alt firmware (Unified Plaits alt firmware) does allow accessing calibration without reverting to the stock firmware (see eurorack/README.md at master · lylepmills/eurorack · GitHub), so you could also just switch to that.