Possible to hack anushri to do different time signatures?

So the Anushri is tons of fun, both for it’s surprisingly powerful and characterful synth capabilities and its gritty drum machine. However, I’ve been wondering whether it would be possible in any way to get the drum sequencer to do any time signature besides 4/4. Not sure given the XY map algorithm for drum patterns, but it would be a really neat feature for my purposes at least.

Apologies for the massive necro, but I was also thinking about this and it seemed silly to create a new thread. At the very least I wonder about the option of cutting short the steps used to effectively get a different time signature. Obviously it might sound a bit weird still using the same drum map, but it would be interesting to see what we get out of it.

I’m not excited about this because the UI is already too complicated/has too many hidden settings, and because the drum generation algorithm needs a lot of data to work, and you won’t find a lot of annotated drum pattern data in odd signatures.

I agree cutting the pattern to a smaller number of steps will be interesting - but incompletely/incosistently implemented hacks like that are interesting for a short amount of time - what lingers after that if the frustration of the incompleteness.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t making a feature request. It’s the kind of dirty hack I might try myself if I ever get the build environment set up. :stuck_out_tongue:
Might have to assign the setting to a spare CC or something because I can’t think how it could fit into the UI either! There isn’t a way of reducing the number of steps in the 808 style drum sequencer is there?

There isn’t a way of reducing the number of steps in the 808 style drum sequencer is there?


Hmm, but the way MIDI channel 16 is used for programming, there are loads of spare keys I could appropriate for such things…