Possible mods for JD800?

Hi all,

a friend of mine who got a Roland JD800 want to know if it’s possible to make this synth read
some new waves internally, externally, or by any possible manners?


That’s no easy feat. Your best bet would be to download the service manual. If you can figure out how the address decoding is done you might have a shot at reverse-engineering the PCM cards.

Hi Jojjelito. The srevice manual is certainly a ggod debut, but I was hoping someone here did this sort of thing, because me… I’m not yet half as good to do thèses mods. Maybe one day…:slight_smile:


Speaking of that, it would be cool to reverse-engineer the old SL-JD80 cards. One could then acquire the infamous samples of the SL-JD80-04 Strings card.

It would be easier for you to get a JD-990 which has 6MB sample ROM instead of the 4MB that the JD-800 came with, plus it takes SR-JV80 cards which have been reverse engineered if you know where to look.

As some say, JD-800 sounds warmer and better than JD-990 :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jojjelito: As far as I know the SR-JV80 cards use data compression that has not been successfully decoded yet - if you know more then drop me a line, please!