Possible group buy Sifam S151 soft-touch collet knobs

Hi guys/girls,

I’m considering to initiate a group buy for a batch of Sifam soft-touch knobs, if there’s enough interest. This is the knob:

I’ve made a topic with all the details on muffwiggler: https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=184671.

Let me know if you’re interested, and if so, for how many. I’m hoping to decide within a week if there’s enough interest to proceed.



Ha… no replies at all! Zip, zero! At least that’s a clear answer, and I can go down a different route with these knobs.

Just FYI, but those are not soft touch knobs.

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On Muff Wiggler he wrote:

  • material: soft-touch! So it’s not the hard plastic version of the S151, but contains an elastomere around the outside.

Hmm, never seen those in soft touch…

Indeed, the standard version of the S151 is a hard plastic material. This version is sold through various large distributors (RS Components, DigiKey, etc). The elastomere “soft-touch” version is not available through these channels, that’s why I try to arrange availability this way. The parts are distinguished with a prefix of additional numbers (I believe 3/02/)

Hi guys,

I’ve decided to buy a large batch of these knobs anyway, as they have the kind of quality I could enjoy for many future projects. In case anyone wants them, just PM me. Pricing and conditions will remain the same as was proposed on muffwiggler in my first post on.