Possible Bug in MIDIpal custom filters


I received my MIDIpal yesterday, and started some testing today.
Creating a custom filter and uploading the sysex to the device works fine.

There’s one big problem though.
A filter that was created to work on every channel, is only applied to channel 1-8. Other channels are not altered.

After I discovered this strange behavior, I did some further testing on single channels.
Same problem here. Filters applied to channel 1-8 work fine. Filtering events on channels 9-16 doesn’t work.

Am I missing something? Please help.

Thank you & greetings

Could you please attach the .syx file of the filter you have uploaded?

Of course. I attached a test filter which filters everything on all channels.

could this perhaps be the same issue reported by shwanton and myself in this thread

afaik, that was never resolved, was it?
and we were also trying to apply filters to channels >8…

i’m back in berlin now and could assist with further testing if required…



before i install the new fw:
does this update require a complete reset like major updates do, or isn’t that necessary in this case?

Fantastic, it works!

I didn’t know that resetting would be necessary. I just send the firmware. Everything works fine.

Not necessary.

I am looking for the firmware update to fix this problem. 1.4 seems to have been removed. Can you tell me where I can locate the fix?