Posiible to get more voices from shruthi firmware?

just got crazy idea :slight_smile: it is possible to somehow alter shruthi’s firmware to be polyphonic with just one filter board
? i know that normally each voice should go through one filter/vca, but maybe it will be good compromise to get semi-polyphonic capabilities on shruthi… theoretically, the oscillator part will simply play sounds polyphonically , throuht one filter board… it will be useable for chord sounds, when all notes are played at one moement, so same filter and vca envelope is applied on all of them…

Yes if “gameboy encoded in realaudio” is an acceptable level of sound quality to you.

And there’s already the duo mode for single osc sounds…

okay, bad idea, i understand :-))

You could try clocking it at 120 MhZ for 6 Voices though - maybe you get there with liquid nitrogen cooling.


If you want to add paraphonic sound to your Shruthi, you can run a poly synth through it. It is nifty for some interesting re-triggered typed sounds. Get a cheap FM style synth or run your DAW software through it. However, there is no “high note priority” mode. This means that the filter will track to the last key pressed potentially cutting off higher notes.

For comparison, Nord Lead 3 has 6 x 120 MHz DSP processors to create 24 voices…

Lots of processing power for the sonic result. Any MI Product does better :wink:

@fcd72 Sure, but please don’t bash my beloved Nord modular :slight_smile:

Nope, never would do that.

Those DSP processors however take care of a little more than the microprocessort in the Shruthi though…

> Yes if “gameboy encoded in realaudio” is an acceptable level of sound quality to you.


@herrprof +1 :slight_smile: