Portamento CC?

I cant seem to see the portamento CC. Or should this be something the sequencer handles?

CC 84 on firmware >= 1.00
CC 5 on firmware < 1.00

Cheers… I did read the manual but I couldnt see it

Am I totally missing the full CC chasrt in the manual. Or am I having a brain dump?

Search for “MIDI implementation chart” in the manual.

@pichenettes: Universal midi chart says portamento on/off = CC65 and portamento speed = CC5.
I don’t understand why you change it to CC84 on new firmware?

Hmmm I think I wanted to have all parameters related to part/tuning/arp grouped in the same range (76-84)

I can make it work with both 84 and 5 if this helps.

Ok, it makes sense!
Thank you for the reply and it could be cool if CC5 can still work too. (just like on every synth!)

Anybody wants to try this?

It works fine!
Thank you.