Ponoko design: foot pedal controller?

OK, had some thoughts for a quick, obvious and easy extension controller for the shruti-1. structurally/mechanically I don’t know how it would all work but maybe you’ve got some ideas.

Three foot pedals, rectangular pieces of bamboo derived from the top/face, affixed to a wedge-structure akin to my enclosure design… A threaded rod/steel rod goes through a hole in the vertical components, holding with brackets each pedal at a pivot point. Another rod would keep it from going back too far. Then the pedal is somehow attached to either a rotary or slide pot. Use it as a voltage divider with +5/GND supplied on a TRS connection between the shruti’s CV 1/4" in and the 1/4" TRS behind each foot pedal… you could easily even add range/inversion controls where there are 2 knobs for each pedal to set the min/max voltage out. 0-5v can go to either side of the pot connected to the pedal, giving you scaling or inversion of the voltage output… Probably would work better to have the shruti just apply the modulation at whatever amount, but it’s an opportunity and doesn’t require navigating menus

rough rough rough idea: