Polyvox filter switches


I am finally pulling out all my shruthi parts to complete the build I started years and years ago (ten?). I still need to rummage through the box and see what’s missing but…

I am wondering whether to leave the bp/lp down to the software or mount a switch. I am building it into a controller keyboard case and given it’s not an XT the one switch seems a little lonely, but the CC’s from the keyboard could do some of the XT’s / programmers job via MIDI - one could do that job maybe.

However, I could mount the bp/lp switch along with the two VC switches, so would be better for live playing / programming.

So some questions:

What do you personally think the pros and cons of the bp/lp switch are?

Did you make more than one shruthi and have experience of both setups? Which did you prefer?

Another potential option could be keeping the chip, but then use an extra bypass switch and a little circuitry so:

  1. either you disable the chip with one switch and thenroute it via a second bp/lp switch or
  2. arrange it in such a way that a switch with extra poles does both jobs in one

If anyone can offer any comments on how the different options have benefitted or hindered their workflow / creativity that would be great.

Thanks to anyone still at the party I am very late to!