Polystyrene / Styrene caps

If anyone is looking for polystyrene caps to trick out their Shruthi build in the US I was able to source some radial units from Mouser Electronics here.

Also doing a little customization with some different color LEDs (no white or blue as I prefer not be be blinded by my instruments) and some knob color swaps. If I can ever get some free time in this hectic holiday season I’ll actually start building them.

If I get really enthusiastic I’m going to try to design a case myself and have Ponoko cut it. If I come up with something workable (and not ugly) I’ll make the design free to the community.

That’s sweet! I have used those

You go and use adjectives like ‘posh’ in the assembly instructions and I just had to have them. The ones I pulled from Mouser are only ±5% tolerance, but I figure they’ll do just fine. I did see the ebay seller whose got those old Russian mil-spec 1% monsters. If only I were daring enough as the poster who crammed those onto his board.

Plus I don’t know what I’d do with the other 42 I’d have left after I win a bid for the lot of 50 – take on the role of capacitor faerie sending out styrene caps to all who wish for them?

Yes, please, i want a pic of you in a fairy costume :wink:

well you got me looking for this guy on ebay again and i finally found him, ordered a pack yesterday. what i think is one could also solder SIL sockets or how they’re called, just like you’d use them for socketing transistors and try different caps (as i also already bought a pack of 50 polystyrene 5% after having it built with the caps from the bom).
this should also solve the room problem w/r/t the blocking caps.

Hey rosch, wanna be my capacitor faerie?

yeah why not? last nite i conjured plenty of everything :smiley:


I’d ask to trade some of your Cold War caps for some of the spare Japanese units I’ve got, but it looks like you did the same thing I did; you ordered way too many. I was just worried I’d melt one during soldering so I got extras.

I’d also be interested if you find a place to get this supposed socket to allow for swapping caps. I’ve not got the mad desoldering skillz yet, so I’d prefer a plug-n-play solution.


I think I need a t-shirt with that logo on it, or maybe rosch does if he’s going to start handing out caps.


We dont wear T-shirts here, we have “matching towels” *… :wink:

no problem kingoftyland, write me a pm or email (i think i have mine in the user profile).
the sockets are just the same as the low profile precision IC sockets, just in one line. they should work, already ordered too.

Hi there people.

Are these any good?


Im putting in an order at rapid, these are the only polystyrene caps they sell.

Cheers as always.


Has anyone done a side-by-side comparison between some of these exotic fay capacitors and the ones that come with the kit? I’d really be interested to hear the difference myself.

I was pleasantly surprised by how good the stock ones sound, but I’d be willing to replace them if it makes a big difference.

I recently ordered a bunch of various caps in order to do this !

i’m also collecting all kinds of 1N caps to check the diff

well i went ahead and bought 4 of those polystyrene capacitors. Ill record a basic preset with some filter sweeping and replace hem tomorrow, then redo the test.

Im guessing ill need to re-trim them?

Hopefully will soound even better, not that the standard ones were bad. £4 isnt a huge amount to try it out :wink:




well ive just replaced them after a bit of frustration desoldering them… first impressions are very good, a noticable differance! i think ive got the same as olivier above - looks like it, big barrel jobbies.

For £4 i think its a noticable and beneficial upgrade. Wondering how those soviet ones sound.

I did a rough and ready before and after, but the change in caps means i need to retune them with the trimpots. It doesnt self osciallate any more.

Im just going to do that now and will do a 3rd test. (My print offs for building the smr board have vanished after page 12 where it tells you how to tune, so im back on internet machine).

But first impressions are good, sounds a lot smoother and nicer.



Cool… Where did you get 'em in the end?
I might get some to try, although i’ve no complaints on how my Shruthi’s sound currently.

I got em at rapid link above…

But may have spoken to soon.

think resonance has stopped working?

Im trying to tune it as per the docs, but get nothing but a faint pop every time the note triggers no matter how far i screw the resonance trimpot, in either direction. Ive tried resoldering it and all the caps i just installed, but get nothing but a pop.

If i turn it off and on again i get the normal sounds, but the resonance knobhas no effect.


Anyone have any ideas?

Might start a new topic.

Absolutely no resonance at all? It might be simply a bad contact between the two boards.

lol / cry

its always the simplest thing innit. i was a lead short.

punch me in the face.

Oh well.

Proper A/Bs coming soon after ive retuned it!