Polystyrene cap C9, C15 ,... Mounting?

Hi Folkz

Already building my 4-pole mission and i’m not shure how to mount the Styroflex 220p. Is this thing poled? There where three holes on the filterboard. I think i use the first two near of the TL072p ?

Cherrs and Thanks for your help.


The first 2 near the TL072 is the way to go… The other hole is for use with a bigger part (not all Styroflex 220p caps are the same size). Then you would have to skip the middle hole.

Hi shiftr

Thanks! :slight_smile: So as i read the Styroflex 220p isn’t poled right?


No it isn’t polarized.

ok… thank you verry much! :slight_smile:

Hi again me

Question, is it a big problem to use 100uf with 25V instead of the default 16V ?


no. these are maximum values - no problem if the voltage stays below.
caps with higher voltage rating tend to be bigger though

Hi loderbast! Thanks… :slight_smile: I had on my shop conrad.ch a sales out with different caps… :slight_smile: nicenice… :slight_smile:

cherrs :slight_smile: