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Hmm very interesting - ive got a chance to get a polysix for $1000- with retro midi fitted - thats australian.

Then do it, keeping in mind that the Polysix has a tendency for evil maintenance activities. And those parts are rare - watch for battery leakage…this has killed a lot of them !

1k$ for a Polysix? Hell you can have a VS for 1600$

Funny how people will spend a lot on these old synths when if you want a Prophet-5 style sound you can get a DSI tetra.

Or you ca get a VS - it comes as close to a P5 for Pads and Strings as can be…

Well, I meant there are brand new stable and cheaper new devices. Ones you can buy with a warranty, for some people this is really important.

I think that 1000 AUD is reasonable because it has MIDI. I will admit that you have to really like the ensemble effect to want to pay that much. Of course, you can’t argue with an SSM filter - let alone six of them.

OK, AUD…. but still a bit limited for the money. For the Filter you are right 2240 rules!

I’ve had a polysix and it’s a great synth but the maintenance is horrible. It broke down every six months or so. Especially the keyboard will give you lots of problems.
If you get a polysix I recommend you to get one with the kiwisix upgrade. It will safe you lots of problems in the future. The voiceboard seems to be pretty safe though.

P6 has six SSM2056 - envelope generators. Cost of these 6 chips alone is about 350 USD (on US eBay).

Why do they die, power supply surges, overheating or the chips just being unreliable?