Polychain Anushri? Or 2nd VCO

So I’ve found this in the forum in regard to Shruthis, but not Anushris. It would be cool to have a second VCO in the anushri, sometimes to do the same thing as each other, at other times, different things. My question is, if you have two Anushri on hand, can you get one of them to control synth settings on both, or do you just need to have parallel gestures on two units? Also, if I were to hook up an additional VCO, just get a modular oscillator and connect it, is there any way to do this without all the hassle that comes with modular, ie: separate power supply? I haven’t jumped into the modular can of worms, not sure if I want to do that just for one vco. Btw, love the sounds on this little box!

You have to do “parallel gestures” - because on Anushri (just as on many other mono synths), the controls are directly acting on the sound-shaping circuitry rather than acting on a microcontroller that controls a DAC that controls a voltage-controlled circuit that shapes the sound. That’s also why you don’t have presets or full MIDI controls.

A modular VCO will always need a separate power supply.

gotcha, and gotcha. many thanks!