Poly mode woes

HI after trying out my ambika a few times I cant seem to get it to work right.
it always seems like the sequencer is on. I understand that without tuning each filter 1/vo they may sound different but even with the filter all the way open the ambika never plays the same note on the same step.
I currently have all voices assigned to part 1 & just wana play some chords without the notes being random.
Will it work ? Or is this synth better suited to be used as 6 mono synths?

Just to make things clear: filter tuning affects how a voicecard sounds when resonance is fully turned up. This shouldn’t cause any problem (unless you’re interested in creating sounds based on the filter self-oscillation).

Do you mean that the same note is never played on the same voicecard? What do you mean by step?

That’s not a problem.

Huh, no, it does work as a poly I guarantee you :slight_smile:

Thank you for your replies!
i guess I just dont fully understand how to turn the sequencer off.
it seems that having all voices assigned to one part is best for poly. Am i wrong ?

Set the a/sq setting to step. Maybe a video would help me understand the problem!

Yes, that’s how it works.

Thank you for your help! Im a dork. The LATCH was on.

Ultimately the issue was I had the jumpers/shorting bars on the boards installed wrong. The former the latter the latter the former.