Poly chaining shruthi xt to dual svf

Ok so I have read the thread that explains that you can polychain non Xt shruthis to an xt and the knobs control all of them.

My question is if I poly chain an xt to a non smr shruthi like my dual Svf will it control everything except the filter correctly ?

You’ll need to run the firmware version 1.0 on all units and it’ll work.

how about the firmware in the pharmasonic “kochab” xt remake of the shruthi xt ? compatible ?

There’s little to no info about Olivier Trambouille (French expatriate living in Japan) as his site is all in japanese.

How did this idea work out for anyone?

I have an XT with DSP and theres a kit of Shruthi 1 with 4 Pole on its way. Im guessing that its MIDI out of XT to MIDI in on the 1 for XT control of the 4 Pole?