Hi all,

I finished building my back up Polivoks a little while ago, and for the first time ever it kind of worked pretty much straight away, sort of.

Slight issue though, it wouldn’t boot and when it did, it froze, a lot…I replaced the oscillator and now it seems to work fine, most of the time, only freezing rarely…

The issue I have is that there is no sound, I wonder, is there anything obvious I should look out for, any particular area of the board??

Oscillator? do you mean the regulator (three pin thing with metal tab).

Did you solder the links correctly by the output and input jacks? there’s three holes for adding pots but if you don’t fit pots you need to solder links.

Other possibilities, check connectors between the two boards. Cut too short and they don’t reach.

Thank you :slight_smile: I meant the 20mhz crystal…I will double check the areas you suggest!

Update…my synth is almost there. It boots fine, and doesn’t crash! This is a result for me :slight_smile: but still no sound, which is a little annoying…

When I touch the 100 capacitor solder points, or the resistors which are on the filter board (just to the right of the audio socket) I hear a sound, so think I’ll concentrate on this area…dunno what I’m doing but it’s coming together!