Polivoks X presets demonstration

I have so much love for my Polivoks

How do I make my link ‘live’ please?

<a href=“https://soundcloud.com/moor-hertz/strange-boy”

well that didn’t work!

Its quote-link text-quote-colon-hyperlink

look up textile synthax for a complete list of formatting shortcodes



Thanks guys :smiley:

A very nice 3:44 Adam, was this a one take live jobbie and was anything else used?

Thank you Martyn :slight_smile:

It was recorded in one pass, the instruments I used were:

(1) Korg volca beats, just a kick and closed hi-hat. The kick was over 15 divisions rather than 16 (neat little trick to get interesting rhythms) the hi-hats were a full bar in 16th divisions, repeated.

(2) Korg Volca keys, this was playing the delayed percussive sounds and it was also triggering the Shruthi via a midi out which I added as a modification.

(3) Waldorf NAVE for iPad, this is THE premier iPad synth app, and was used to make the pad sound, which was just a middle C note held every now and then, there may have been a 5th note in there also…

(4) The icing on the cake, the wonderful Polivoks! this was the bulk of the track, the preset uses both oscillators, these are mixed using the 4>> step parameter which is also being triggered via the step sequence.

The Korg Volca beats was the master, syncing everything together, this was done with the sync cable to the Korg Volca Keys, the keys in turn (pun intended) used the midi out to trigger the Polivoks. I only tweaked a few parameters whilst the whole sequence played out.

The bass, just one note, was mainly the Polivoks, othertimes I just opened the decay of the kick drum…

I am waiting for some midi cables to turn up, and a few other bits n bobs, which will give me full control over my analogue gear and enable me to use both Shruthi’s at once, I can’t wait!

Setup, minus Waldorf NAVE, I needed my iPad to take the picture :slight_smile:

all sounds very interesting Adam, you just need to loose the iPad now :wink:

Nah, as long as he doesn’t use it to take pictures outside of his house(for instance, at concerts), he can keep it :wink:

Lovely demonstration :slight_smile:

I would love to replace my iPad with a proper wavetable synth :slight_smile: I’ll swap it for a couple of Piston Honda MK11’s, or a couple of MI Braids modules, any takers? :smiley:

I agree V’cent, taking an iPad to a concert is bad, very bad, it should be a criminal offence ha

I just recorded another live session with the Polivoks>>>>

Seeing as I have the “cloud to butt” extension installed in chrome(makes all tech articles about “the cloud” infinitively better), I better link to the actual sound… Since the link you posted gets turned into “https://soundbutt.com/moor-hertz/twang” on my computer… >_>

https://soundbutt.com/moor-hertz/twang” great, haha :slight_smile: