Polivoks sound very small


I builded the polivoks filter pcb. the digital board work fine but when i select the filter polivoks in the system preference (pkv) the sound is very small but i can hear that all parameters of the filter work.
When i select distorsion (on) or fm (on) the sound is a little bit louder. When i select between lpf o bpf i can hear a little bloop.
when i select another filter in system preferences the sound is perfect… i think. Sound strong and clear.
I connected in jumper J4 all connections and jumper J6 all connections.

All Ic is in the right position.

Thanks for your help.

Photos of your boards?

Problem solved
One resistor was leg broken- I don’t understand why but with the scope i found it.
Sorry for lost your time pinchenettes
Best regards

… i was tempted to say “get bigger speakers” :wink: