Polivoks Shruthi filter (probably) issue

It’s me again (sigh…), when I finally thought problems were over with this f******r, another issue came out. It worked perfectly fine for two days, until today, I powered it up just to find out, with extreme disappointment, that another issue decided to ruin my day. The output is extremely low and distorted, if I change the resonance value nothing happens and the lp filter does nothing; instead, if I change the filter type to bp, it behaves like a lp, just the output is something like 10x. Still, resonance is irrelevant, plus, when I change patch or press a button, a little screech-like sound comes out. I’ve tried plugging the power adapter to different electrical outlets, still, no change. Just hear it with your own ears https://soundcloud.com/simone-romanello/polivoks-shruthi-issue (edit:the forst note is incorrect, bp doesn’t start at that point)

BTW, audio interface’s gain was almost at its maximum

Have you reapplied heat to all solder points on both boards?

Remember you might have fixed one but if all soldering was done on a somewhat same level, you might have some other fickle solder point causing you all these gremlins.

Two days ago I proceeded resoldering all of the points

Lets get some pictures rolling then :slight_smile: