Polivoks RedAcryl

Hi Guys :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered some peaces like resistors etc…

But, where can i get this?


This Design or do you know, where i can make a fine plastic peace and let them overwrite to made something selfmade?

For example, i have a novation bassstation wich in the middle has the menus with explaining wich knob is doing wich function. So, where can i find somebody, that can make a customized design? So for example if i want to change the blue to a black background with white fonts?

Would be happy to know more… :wink:

Cherrs Jon

What blue to a black backgound with white fonts?

EDIT: This is the guy to speak to about custom cases, not sure what you’re talking about with the fonts and stuff though…

Hi Vincent…

Sorry, For example… You have a white Synthesizer wich everything is written in black (with white background) and now i wanna change it to a black synthesizer with white written fonts… :wink:

Aha, a germin PlexiglasShop ! Yeah it would be awesome to receive again the polivoks red plexistuff

LCD modules are available in a variety of colors, both with colored text on black background (Negative / transmissive) and black text on colored background (Positive / transflective).

See some options here

Yeah, you would need to use a different LCD, and PM/email fcd72 about a custom case :slight_smile:


Can Do! drop me a line at fcdaniels (ät) me (dot) com

White on blue LCDs are very sluggish though.

Monsieur Pichenettes

Allors comme j’ai compris il faidrait âchéter HD44200 juste? ;))

Do you know something guys? I love this page, we all are so openminded and awesome freaky cool… :slight_smile: Love to be here…

Question for a little other thing, is it possible to get the yellow platines? This ones wich can make the ms20 sound?

Cherrs John

At Punk… Yeah i know… It was only an example… :wink: Policooliofuckingvoks must be a deadly agressive color… ;)))

PS: Found it… I was thinking the yellowish pcbs where retired… I think i’m retired… Muhahahhhaahhahaa… :wink: