Polivoks Optional Taltalum Cap C2

Just finishing assembling my Polivoks board. If I’m not using the 10u tantalum cap at C2, should I just bridge it?
What’s the advantage of using this component?


If you plan to bridge, get a new 1054 before trying…

Tantalum caps have a very low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance), that means they are very “fast”. The LT1054 Voltage Converter that generates the -5V for the Analog Parts needs low ESR Caps to work, actual Electrolytic Caps have a sufficient low ESR, so you can go without the Tantalum Cap, you just make life a bit easier for your brave little LT1054.

IF you want to know why not just bridge try measuring the resistance of any Cap :wink:

OK, thanks for the explanation, Frank. Have ordered a tantalum cap :slight_smile:
Everything else done now, except for the display.


YO Alex,

you can try anytime without the Tantalum Thingy…

I picked one up from my local Maplin earlier. God, that place is pricey! It’s a 10 minute walk away though, so handy for those little bit I forgot to buy online.


What did you pay?

Resistors are £0.39. Each.