Polivoks no sound / is this IC right?

I just put my polivoks board together and it only produces a very soft noisy poppy sound.

I ordered LM4250 from Reichelt, and what I got was ICs which say LM 386N-3. I tried to compare both datasheets and they don’t appear to me as being the same thing. If that’s true than it would be an obvious clue to why the thing isn’t working. Could this be the problem or is the LM 386N-3 essentially the same thing as a LM4250?

Doh! Then I turn around and underneath all the crap on my desk I find the LM4250’s. Apparently I ordered them for a different project, and since I couldn’t find them on my order list and with the 4250 nowhere to be found I assumed those must be the ones I ordered.


Its working and what a lovely character! This is way more dirt than I hoped for :smiley: Wonderfully lo-fi and unstable. Thanks a lot for adding this flavor to the filter collection!