Polivoks Kit missing?

Hi there

I have ordered the filter- and ledboard. but i missed some resistors.

Is there everything included in the default shruti kit or do i have to order all the big list of resistors and parts by somebody else? For example, on polivoks i have 6 100u and per default i get only 3 100u…

I realy want to build my polivoks… But with no parts?

Sorry, my english isn’t good enough to unterstand every word and Electronic for me -> not that easy… :wink:


Polivokc Shruthi? if you get the Red Alert case from fcd72 you’ll need a red display also:

You have ordered a Shruthi-1 kit. This contains all the parts to build the standard unit with the SMR4 mkII filter board.

There is no kit available for the Polivoks filter board. If you want to build a Polivoks Shruthi-1, you need to buy the bare PCBs from Mutable Instruments, and buy all the other parts yourself from Reichelt/Digikey/Mouser, using the published BOMs.

Aha, okey… So now i know more. So the other parts i did not programm something right? The PCBs (Board and Firmware) is ready for plug and play right? Or after mounting everything i must programm the chips??

nope if you ordered a kit the MCU is ready to go.

So if i buy this chips for 15 Euros, i can build without programming my polivoks right? I just go through the BOM list an organize this things. Or do i need something more?

What i can’t find on the Reichelts page? The programmed Chips only right?

Sorry, i’m completely new at electronic and shruthi :slight_smile:

The chips that need programming are the ATMega644p and 24LC512 or 24LC128 eeproms. Those that come with the kit are pre-programmed, no need to do anything.

If you want to build another unit from bare PCBs, you can purchase programmed chips on the store.

So, again me,

Where i can find the things like LEDDisplay etc. to build my polivoks? It would be awesome to find a little how to… Or some pictures of a finished synthesizer…

Hope that somebody helps me…



and for a lcd i got my green ones from this ebay store http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Ego-China-Electronics

If you buy the chips for 15 euros you don’t need to program anything-that’s correct.

There are plenty of options for displays-it uses an industry-standard type (16x2 HD44780 compatible with parallel interface)-you can get LCD displays in various colours to suit. You should be able to pick one up at lots of places, even from Chinese sellers on eBay. Check the BOM on the Digital Control Board page here for starters-the design of the digital control board is identical across all versions of the Shruthi.

Hi, Thanks for the feedbacks.

Now i know more… The programmed ic i receive from mutable also the display. Ok… But, when i was passing through the list, i can’t no more find on www.farnell.ch the following:

  • Farnell No 1013845
  • Farnell No 1652378
  • Farnell No 1353825

But there were alternatives, but wich one? I find some with serial-paralell serial etc… It’s like in the jungle… finding the right spider… :frowning:

Any sugestions? For a newbie?


LT1054 Charge Pump
LM4250 the number you gave is available
generally just look for the key name of the component and there will be suggestions. like search for 74HC595 or 74LS595 or 74HCT595 will work also.
you get the display from mutable instruments? but only if you buy a kit, right?
the red LCD i linked is from sparkfun, it’s the one i use in my polivoks

Hey! Nice nice :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Ok… I will go for this one… :slight_smile: I love shruthi :):):slight_smile:

Thanks… For your big help!