Polivoks Girly Image

I’m working on a Polivoks programmer for someone and i’d like to put the Soviet Girly on the case… Does anybody have an image file for that?

its the centerfold of may 2k12 playboy…


Thanks,… didn’t know it was right there on the github.

And is the soldering iron and sickle from the original case available somewhere too? @fcd72 ?

its the centerfold of may 2k12 playboy….

or drop me a line with your eMail :wink:

great my may issue got a bit … well … used.

now how do i get these pictures out of my head?

Try this Eyebleach

You should have sent our unsuspecting Frank the alternative version with half-naked guys, just to play a prank on him! The kid version had lots of kittens and puppies, I’m getting hungry.


Im married for almost 10 years, so naked people are only of medical and or anatomical interest for me. Show me a stripped Wave :wink:

Sorry, no stripped waves here, only stripped whales…

now i know what these pickups are for…

some stripes…

some waves…

The one and only Wave