Polivoks firmware

i had a problem when i updated my polivoks with 0.97. I made it through Elektron TM 1 interface and it didn’t work, after update the lcd was blank. I have bought a new chip and insert it to my polivoks but now i have no access to filter menu when i push S2 and sound is very strange ?
What’s the issue please ?

The issue is that the control board does not know that it is connected to a Polivoks filter board. You have to tell it!

On the system settings page, there’s a setting call “fil”. It is probably currently showing “lpf”. Change it to “pvk” (polivoks) and save. Now your filter board will be recognized and you’ll see the new filter menu.

Have you set the Filter to pvk in the Systems settings?

From the Manual:
Beware! Only the Shruthi-1 firmware v0.95 (or above) generates the digital signals required to control the mode selection and routing matrix. In addition, it is not possible to use simultaneously the Polivoks filter board and the Programmer since they will be both accessing at the same time the digital extension port. To activate the Polivoks filter board, select pvk in the system settings page. If you don’t do so, it is likely that it will emit glitchy filtered sounds everytime you navigate through the pages.

Great, i’ll try that tonight.
Thanks Olivier and Franck :slight_smile: