Polivoks audio coming out of the in, rather than were it should be, on the output!

LOL you may or may not be aware of my ongoing sagas with my Shruthi synths, but they have just reached a new level of weirdness!

Everything works, but I only get audio out on the input channel, haha :smiley:

Oh blimey, does anyone know what on earth is going on with my synth, is it possessed or something?

> Everything works, but I only get audio out on the input channel, haha :smiley:

It’s normal to get audio on the input jack. If you look at the schematics, you’ll see that both the audio input and the oscillators are going to the mixer circuit. This provides a path for the oscillator signal to leak through the input jack.

So don’t worry about this, and instead focus on the real problem - why you don’t have any signal on the audio output. There’s probably something wrong in the signal chain between the mixer and the final output amp.

Okay, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll keep working on it!

How is it possible that the main rotary encoder has reversed its position? I rotate right, it scrolls through the menu backwards?

Did you use the correct part?

Yes, it was working fine five minutes ago

Okay, sorted it, I touched both pins on the back of the encoder with my solder iron, it has reverted back to normal, weird! lol

Nearly got it working, I have a decent output now, but the resonance is iffy…I could send this off to get it fixed, but I really want to get it working myself !

you sound like I used to be… and last time I checked, still am lol
keep going! you learn more by doing something like this than most other stuff you can do on your evenings off. plus I’d never have known that about the input jack till pichenettes explained, so I’m learning too…
good luck with it


Thanks Bendy_john :smiley: