Polite Noob Enquiry

Hi…is there a module that outputs several 1v/o cv’s that I can connect to the inputs on the Mutable Elements ? I have used random modules but was hoping there was a “one stop” solution ?
Thanks for any pointers and opinions…please flame gently if you must :o)
Cheers Blancman

I don’t understand why you would need several 1V/O CVs, since only one input on Elements receives 1 V/O pitch information (the one labelled V/O).

You mean you want several modulations? But what kind of modulations? Random? LFO? Envelopes?

The XAOC Batumi or Intellijel Quadra are good options if you want several modulations.

Sorry yes I meant something to input into the 10 inputs that can alter the sounds via cv. I only have two lfo’s which I’ve been using for that purpose but I have been offered another Elements which I’ also like to control…

get a Peaks or 2!

Two Doepfer 4x LFOs & a Peaks? Or one Doepfer 4x LFO & one 4x ADSR + a peaks?

You could always look into MN Maths, Befaco Rampage or the Doepfer A-143-4?? Good call on the Quadra, esp with the Expander.

I can strongly recommend the Rampage, love mine. It is DIY as an option too!

When the Expert Sleepers ES8 comes out, I would recommend you get Reaktor and my free set of Blocks. Yes, you have to have a computer on, but the setup will cost less than three regular Eurorack modulators. The modulators I have made also go very deep in how many use cases they have.