Hi all,

Which side of this part is the + please? Is it on the right side, I can’t quite make it out…have to get it right as I don’t want to fry my lovely Shruthi! :slight_smile:

Is it a tantalum cap? doesn’t it have a longer leg?

It is a tantalum cap, and it does not have a longer leg

Right hand side on the pic is marked with a + … and you won’t fry your shruthi, you’ll only fry the Cap and the LT 1054

In that case the longer leg is probably the positive side

Thanks, thought I had best check before soldering!

In case you are wrong…. illl send you a new Cap :wink:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Soldered now, it has not blown up, but still is not giving me any sound…everything else works though :confused: Time I sent this off to the pro’s in Germany to get fixed

Did you do the Power Checks?

Sort off! :confused: I checked it with a working Polivoks and it seems to be getting similar readings on my voltage metre…I just posted a video in another discussion, could you have a look at it for me please? Thanks