Pod Rig

Building one more MI rig out of a Pod60 to pair with my Theremin/Trautonium controller and a modded Werkstatt (I added a pre-filter PT2399 delay, variable color noise, FSR pitch bend pads, output volume/power switch, and mounted the cv expander board internally, but that’s another story)

Blades should be here today to fill the gap. On the case I hacked up the power board to give me around 30HP of room at the bottom for mods.

Then I mounted the LEDs from the board under the 4MS cutout so you can see them when the case is full.

I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to add at the bottom, but probably a line/headphone out, small mixer, maybe some switched mults or something, we’ll see.


Rough draft for my pod mod

From left to right: headphone out normed to little internal speakers; headphone amp power switch; DC coupled 1x mono + 2x stereo summing amp with attenuator and mute switch, also outputs to the headphone amp; DC coupled stereo channel with send/return and dry/wet knob or stereo xfader, mute switch on the send and one for the outputs, normed to summing amp.

I might squeeze in some passive mults to the right of all this if I can make it fit.

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Managed to get a bit done today even though I’m sick with a cold and my daughter was home from school. Still can’t drill a straight hole though, even with a drill press, but it’s close enough for funk. :call_me_hand:


Got all the panel components and speakers mounted (except for the pots, apparently I’m out of dual gangs)

Now just gotta build the main board. Decided on the right to make a 2in x 3out summer/buffered mult.


Finished my Pod mod!


It looks great!