Please help me not to be the loser!

Hello guys,I really need your help here.
The idea of spamming my favourite forums is not a thing that comes easy for me, so if you are upset about this, please kick me in the nuts the next time you see me.
The thing is that I joined a remix contest arranged by the biggest festival of electronic music in sweden, and i need you to listen to my contribution.
If you like it, please give it a “like” on tweet, facebook and google+.
I really dont want to be in the goy that comes last :smiley:

Its about seven minutes of arty,pretentious drones with “explosions”.
Everything is based on just three modulated sounds and if you are “in the mood” it will take you places :slight_smile:

The voting stops at monday 23.59

I hope you´ll like it

Live long and prosper

By the way…
If you want to give mee some feedback please do it.
I am open for anything.

nice, but i don`t have any of the social media stuff. willl favourizing it on soundcloud help?

Nope, But im happy if you listend and liked it :slight_smile:
Thanks loderbast!

since it is arty and pretentious, i like it. plus 1’d on g+, I need to find my twitter pass.

You are the best!

Thank you for your support!
I was one of the winners and im very happy for that.
Im sorry to pollute this fine forum and i hope you forgive me.

The track is now going to be track number seven on "Mimer Remixed 2012 album"


I won the whole contest!

The jurys motivation
“The remix stood out from the others as it doesn’t seem to repeat itself and constantly evolve through the whole composition without ever lose the feel and depth of the majestic Mimerlaven.”

And the Winner of a ticket to the festival and a slot to play live in Mimer is…

’Doktorns Elektriska Arm’ with his remix ’Meniers sjukdom och en naken karl i sista sekunden’





niiice! that’s amazing news!

(next contest we demand that you use a shruthi tough :D)

Congrats! Grattis!

Vad gjorde den nakne karln i den sista sekunden? Apparently someone was out there in the nick of time…

The naked man was desperately trying to get three delays in a row to oscillate harmonically.
Once in a while one ofhem started to self-oscillate badly so that it triggerd the others so hard it almost blew the naked mans head off :smiley:

Haha, the dangers of composing nude :smiley:

Well, it wasnt THAT head that almost exploded :wink: