Please help me make a "user prg" for my MIDIpal that will... -SOLVED

here is the situation: …I need to make a user program that will set “note off” to release velocity zero for MIDI channel 5 for any/all notes that I play…

I just don’t really understand the Data A vs Data B part and kinda unsure about whether or not to adjust those parameters below those…

Also, I am familiar with sysex and how to send a .syx file to something, but what app and which screen in that app should I have displayed on my MIDIpal before I send the .syx file to it…I think I am supposed to have the user program with the filter I want to replace displayed…right?

…I REALLY appreciate whoever helps me and so will my commodore 64! :slight_smile:

Have you solved this problem?

yeah, I was able to make a program to do this! …I was super tired when I wrote this post, so I was having trouble understanding the parameters…I just read, re-read, and re-read again, and then it made sense! …haahaha …sorry

…yeah, there is some sorta glitch in the commodore 64 using Mssiah via MIDI where it doesn’t like any note off velocities that are 64 or somethin like that and you get hanging notes…was super frustrating to figure that out…but found some dude that had same prob and solved it by using a computer program to change the MIDI note off release velocity to zero…

was soooooo stokED to learn that I could do this with MIDIpal!

…only thing is, now I have to dedicate my MIDIpal to doing this, so luckily for you I’m going to have to buy another one so that my ESQ-1 can have its arpeggiator back :wink:

…mutable instruments is awesomE!..keep up the good work, I REALLY appreciate having this MIDIpal :slight_smile: