Please forgive me for bringing in some "politic"... Everyone out of EU please read

Hi dear Mutables,

normally i’m not the kind of guy who think this forum should be a place for “political” stuff, but…

Some may have heard about the planed privatisation of water, some don’t.
The EU plans to privatise all water. I guess, you know what that woud mean.
I can’t just watch that happen. And luckily there are over one million people who also don’t like that plan.
But apperantly one million isn’t enough.
A distinct number out of 7 EU-Countries are needed.

So please think about signing here:


Thanks and sorry again for bringing this up here. See it as a kind of political DIY project. :wink:



Hi derkollo,
i agree with you that water should be a public service and not privatly owned. I use it for cleaning my tip on a wet sponge and i just got hooked on solder with water solluable flux.
Do you have some links or documents to confirm that the EU is really planning this step?


Can’t more political things be tagged with [POL] so I can get Firefox/Greasemonkey to skip displaying the thread? Politics is nearly always the root cause of any given problem with society, it’s all pervasive and frankly the most boring shit there is. Kindly keep this forum enjoyable.

As important as this topic is, id like to have this place a politics free zone. Call me ignorant if you like.

hi shiftr,

thanks for your interest!

You can find some info and links in the link i gave you in my first post.

And here are some other sources:

Allthough there are not planing for all the EU, this just is the next step.
And of course there is no official EU paper that clearly says: We are going to make water private.
There are “only” requests, and if nothing speaks against it, the EU will grant that request.
There is the petition part coming in…


@ jojjelito and frank

Like i said, it’s nothing that i think has to be in here. But it also couldn’t hurt. I thought.
Sorry if you feel “offended” by this thread.
I guess you can just ignore it.

It doesnt have to become a big discussion or something.

Sorry for bringing it up though…

Im not offended, and now i try to derail this thread.


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Offended, naah! Just sure that 10 times out of 10, politicians are the problem. I just don’t give a flying fuck about their “craft”. I choose to live so that they wield minimal power over my life. I fart in their general direction…

The real Shakuhachi comes from the Rolan D-Series - how can you play a Shakuhachi Sample????

There is nothing wrong with your point of view. But sometimes i get this weird feeling that it is totaly strange to know that people are full of sh… and on the other hand let them do what they want…
Sometimes i think they drive into a brickwall und we are all just sitting in the car and doing nothing against it… But may be that is sort of my problem…

@Derkollo: So be it! Of course people are full of shit. As long as that doesn’t hurt others it’s no problem. History has shown all too clearly what happens as soon as some who think they know better will try to wield their influence over others “for their sake”. Any form of totalitarianism, left, right or center kills people if left unchecked.

That said, of course one can choose to protest about what’s being done here and there, I just don’t see why this has to be that place. Don’t all of those boring political causes have plenty of outlets to air their grievances in already?

Now where’s that ignore button?

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If I may add my 2 cents:
a) disinterest in politics is very understandable, as is the common sense of irritation that one feels when the topic is brought up. My feeling is that the diffused sense of disinterest is just in the interest of those detaining power (sorry for the pun). The best thing for them are people who think: “do whatever you want, just leave me in peace”. So, while saying that they actively make people disinterested in politics borders with conspiracy theories (which I find quite laughable), I’d still stretch as far as saying that those who have power, are quite happy to see people disinterested.
b) asking water to be free, public and keeping multinational companies from making money is something that trascends politics, I wouldn’t even call it like that. It’s just defending our rights to have something that is ours. It’s nothing different than asking prices for enter product of daily use to stay low and fair, just a little bit more important.
c) you do politics, even without knowing or wanting it. The fact that you are into DIY, make your own instruments, support people like Olivier with your money and words is a form of resistance (albeit maybe a passive one) against certain power-related patterns inside our economic system. A company that produces devices that are not user-serviceable, do not permit you to understand what is going on inside and are made artificially obsolete with a planned lifetime, is putting a precise power-oriented scene in action. By evading this scheme, you are resisting against it, you are acting politically.
Politics has nothing to do with parties or politicians, less and less every day at least. That’s the big problem or our times.

So while I don’t think this forum is a place to discuss politics, I think seeing threads like this from time is more than ok to me.

@Rumpelfilter: I do have opinions, I vote etc. I just don’t want this kind of boring shit to invade this space too. Of course I perform political acts in some sense every day, when buying food, walking to work, talk shit, become influenced and influence others. I got zero problems with the water cause as such, but as soon as this turns into some crapfest of issues already dealt with in every other fucking niche of the entire universe it makes me lose my will to live.


@Jojjelito: ok then I have misunderstood the thing sorry. Still… what do you mean with “crapfest of issues already dealt with in every other fucking niche of the entire universe”? I’m asking because I really don’t know what you are referring to.

@ rumpelfilter
a) There is an old saying: All that evil needs to succeed is the good to do nothing. Of course, there are many people that are quite happy that the majority doesn’t care what things are done.
b) Thanks for your “support” on this. I also think that topic transcends politics. That’s the only reason i brought it up here. The next step would be the prohibitence of gathering rainwater for daily use.
c) Even doing nothing, and “play” the i don’t care game is active politics. Because there are people that make decisions in your name. In my opinion you can’t say you have nothing to do with it. Our german tax-money is used to deliver weapons and war over the world. So if you are buying stuff you directly support politics. Even it is bad, and you don’t want to.

So, your opinion is deeply appreciated!

I understand and accept that people don’t want to talk about politics. But like you said, you can’t be not a part of it. You can try as hard as you want.
May be the word politics was totaly misplaced.
May be i should have said that a piece of our natural freedom is about to be taken…

Everyone (on the internet and elsewhere) always has a problem with something. Sometimes it’s nice to have a place when your only problems are:

a) how do I afford more bleepbloop gear
b) what did I solder wrong

Or, I guess that’s what I feel. Sadly (?) Norway isn’t really a part of the EU…

It only really annoys me when I pay extra VAT and Shipping on my bleepbloop gear anyway.

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you got
Taking a break from all your worries
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Wouldn’t you like to get away

maybe what Jojjelito means (but maybe I’m wrong) is that certain political topics have been discussed to death and get abused by certain people for aims that have nothing to do with the thing itself…
If that’s the case I can very well understand it. I just haven’t been confronted with this issue regarding the water topic yet.

I guess that is what Jojjelito means. People are fed up with politics by TV and Media. Stupid talkshows with stupid discussions. I by myself have no TV since 2001 and i’m very glad about it. So i have “energy” for topics like that from time to time… :wink: