Please explain CV input to me

i was wondering about the CV inputs…
how can i use them?
for example, to trigger notes can i wire in a plug from the CV output on an old Roland SH101?
(i actually just tried going to CV1> and GND, but got nothing)
so is it possible to control the shruthi-1 in this old fashioned way, or are the CV ins for controlling filter parameters etc (like i think this post is about: pots on panel)

The CV inputs are for connecting sensors, LFOs, etc and map them to synthesis parameters. You cannot use them to trigger notes. You have to be careful when connecting equipment because voltages above 5V can damage the Shruthi.

thank you Pichenettes!

i had thought this was the case, but just wondered about notes.
so, i could build a box with various sensors (LDRs etc) and pots on, which could connect via plugging into CV1/2/3>, GND and(guessing from looking at the pots on a panel post) if required, +5V.
'sounds fun!

i don’t think i’ve damaged my Shruthi-1, the Roland gear sends out 5V, so i am safe :slight_smile:

thanks again!

thanks for the heads-up, i’d spotted the HACKME thing before, 'didn’t really understand it though…
i’ll give it a bit more time so i can get my head round it.
i have looked at this though CV>MIDI
looks like a bargin!

oh yeah, looks like he’s made an update.
what does ‘skooks’ mean?
for me, this kit looks good, changing the code in an Arduino/MIduino i’ve done before…
i’ll keep an eye on the shruthi updates though, but i know i wont be pulling the eeprom out of my built machine, though i may build another one in the future :wink:

great, learned a new word and a bit of cultural history,
'always happy to hear a diatribe - i like a good rant myself.
i thought skooks was meant positivley, so i was on the right track :wink:


s’okay I once got the hairy eyeball from a Newfoundland instructor when I said something he taught us was skokum.
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