Playing your tapes


i use this boombox I got in 1999ish


Damn, I knew that would happen…



Wax, seriously? It’s all about this in the modern world:




I have a Sony Walkman, crackly but works.

I also have a Sony double cassette deck with Dolby S, which can sound as good as CD with a metal tape.

Finally, my Philips DCC portable, which also plays compact cassettes very well.


I went for DCC for mastering my music, in the mid 90s. I sadly broke my portable player/recorder back in the early 00s, but bought a used replacement deck on eBay, to play the tapes. I only use it for DCC cassettes, though.



Mine has been knocking about for years. Don’t know if it works. I too bought one for recording “masters” as MiniDisc sounded rubbish for a while.

Was always impressed at how good the noise reduction was on compact cassettes.


Another thing I wanted to add is that some recorders can monitor directly from the tape while recording. I only know of the Marantz PMDs with that function but there are probably others.

So with some help of a Mixer or a DAW (and a digital delay), such a recorder can double as a tape delay. Pretty neat secondary function I’d say.


That’s what I have done with my Marantz C-205. No need for a mixer, daw or digital delay if you build this litlle board:


That’s why I bought mine, originally. DCC came out at the same time as MiniDisc, but the compression CODEC used in MiniDisc sounded didn’t sound as good as the DCC CODEC, according to reviews I read at the time.

The DCC masters I made in the 90s sound pretty terrible, but that’s as much down to the poor audio quality of the sound sources, mixer and FX used.



Incidentally, talking of cassettes, this is what I used for mixing in the 90s, and for mastering, before I got the DCC.



Minidisc was using a very metallic sounding ATRAC. DCC was using Mpeg compression.

The early portable minidisc recorders were huge too.

Of course, we all wanted a DAT recorder, I can afford one now but it’s a bit late :slight_smile:


Nakamichi bx-125. Can be had on eBay for under 150 euro. Your tapes will thank you :slight_smile:


I concur. I have a bx100 and cr3A.


That fostex looks mint !


This is a very interesting thread! I have friends who seem to have taken up collecting and even releasing albums on tape but I personally seldom see anyone actually using them. I’ve thought about getting a deck but as i already have a record collection, I’d have to decide between purchasing a record or tape when given the choice…