fossils of a giant platypus discovered in queensland.

1 molar found
Ermahgerd, it’s a 1m Platypuszilla!

Fun nevertheless. At this rate they might find a 1.5m wombat based of some fossilized sharp teeth with friggin’ lasers :slight_smile:

1.5m wombat? No, bigger than that

American scientists dig a hole 100m deep under New York. At the bottom, they find fragments of copper threads. Their conclusion is that 2000 years ago, there was already a telephone network in New York.
Russian scientists dig a hole 200m deep under Moscow. At the bottom, they find minuscule glass beads. Their conclusion is that 4000 years ago, there was already a fiber optics network in Moscow.
Belgian scientists dig a hole 500m deep under Brussels and at the bottom they find… nothing at all. Their conclusion is that 10000 years ago, Brussels already had a wireless network…


Lol +1.

lol That’s a very typical Dutch joke!

I, for one, welcome our new platypus-zilla overlords.

@ByteFrenzy: lol

@BennelongBicyclist: Australian megafauna FTW! I for one try my best to emulate the MO of the wombat: Eat roots and leaves. Just like any self respecting man would.