Had to post this to show how amazing Plaits is…This is just an amen break looping via a disting MK4, the bass and gnarly lead sounds are all coming from Plaits which is heavily modulated by Stages…it may not be to everyone’s taste, but it shows how Plaits can be made to sound like multiple instruments from just one patch!

The patch is Marbles, Stages and Plaits… Disting for the break, Noise Engineering Holologic solum keeping time…

I’m having so much fun with my MI modules!! I’ve got a Piston Honda MK3 now which is equally awesome…my noodle called ‘bits’ features that…


The plaits through the piston Honda as a wave shaper gets you some great dirt!!! Enjoying that combo big time!

That’s something I’ll have to try, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: The PH is really a fab bit of kit; I’m still learning and discovering new things about it.

I only just discovered a mode in Plaits, aux out on the top red mode, no trigger or pitch required yet it outputs wonderful random tones…it’s hypnotic.