Plaits with Rings

Hi, I have a small rack that includes Rings. Have been looking at Plaits recently and wonder if anyone has advice about how the two modules work with each other.
Many thanks.

I think Plaits is one of the best choices to pair with Rings.

It creates a variety of noise, rich harmonic sounds and other good excitation signals. It also has a couple of “mini-Rings” modes that work nicely in unison with Rings, or to excite it, or with clock divider / shift register modules for more polyphony (with subtle differences in the sound between the modules).

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In addition to what Starthief has mentioned, I’ve found they also work well routing outputs from one into the FM inputs of the other (Also self patching Rings Even to Rings FM and Plaits Aux to Plaits FM can yield good/interesting results, but that’s slightly off topic)

Thanks to you both for such speedy replies. Very much appreciated and thanks for the routing suggestions.