Plaits with Intellijel µMIDI 0-10V pitch

Is there any way to get Plaits to work with pitch input of 0-10V?
If you output C3 from Intellijel µMIDI you get 5V. The lowest I can get plaits to tune is just over F5 (704Hz) - In other words - without a voltage offset device, everything you play in your DAW comes out of Plaits two octaves higher.

I no longer have a Plaits but I think turning the FREQUENCY all the way down will be a C if I recall correctly. Make sure FM is in the middle. I recall it being farty low which is below F5.

Make sure you tune the Plaits after you plug the uMidi in and send it whatever reference note you want.

You may already know this but the range of the Frequency knob is determined by this setting (from the manual):

Adjusting the FREQUENCY knob range

Hold the second button (A) and turn the HARMONICS knob to adjust the range of the FREQUENCY knob. The first 8 settings correspond to C0 +/- 7 semitones, C1 +/- 7 semitones, and so on. The last setting, with all LEDs lit, corresponds to the full 8-octave range from C0 to C8.

To achieve the lowest possible pitch, the Frequency knob range should be set to either the first (lowest) range or to the full 8-octave range. Apologies if you’ve tried this already. :slight_smile: