Plaits - waveform selection support plz

Hallo plaits is my first eurorack module from MI. When i press the left button i can select all waveforms from the left - except the first one. The first led is fading and the second is always on - i hear the second waveform. I only pluged the v/oct and output cabel. It is inpossible to enter the “pair of classic waveforms”. What is wrong? Thank you for helping me! Björn

Do you have any CV in the CV input that selects the model?

And is it a factory module?

I have no cv in the model input.
what is a factory module?
thanks Björn

when i plug a very slow LFO in module cv sometimes the first waveform is selected - i can hear it and see the top led is on.

Factory module as in not a DIY assembled one.
Do you have a adjustable voltage source, like a attenuverter normalized to 5v.? Can you “dial back” from the second model into the first one?

hi jesus i will try this with math…

Yes this works i can select the first waveform with the attenuverter +/- 5V

is the Plaits broken? what can i do? coud it calibraited?

First check if it’s DIY or not. It should be easily to find out, if it uses the original front plate and knobs. :slight_smile:

the unit is not diy original plate

Sounds like something is wrong with the attenuation on the “Model” input. I’m sure @pichenettes can help out when she sees the thread.


i send it back and will try a new one thx

Just for a calibration issue that could be solved in 1 min? Which dealer allowed that?

i think the problem is the power supply - its only 11,6 Volts. with a new power supply it works fine

The calculations for the voltage references assume a worst case of -11.5V for the negative rail, so it might indeed be the problem (if one or two other components in your Plaits are in the “wrong” extremities of their respective tolerances).

Is there a way for you to adjust your power supply (some Doepfer PSUs have trimmers for example) ?

i’m sorry the 12v is fixt in doepfer psu3 i think thx

You can send me back the module and I can mod it to work at that voltage.


Wow ! Just, wow !!! That’s incredible customer service !!! (My MI modules have never missed a blink or bleep but this is so reassuring - above and beyond or what !) Changing one resistor ?? That’s still so much work (in such an awkward position!!) Wow !

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