Plaits Vowel and Speech

Helle everyone,

i have a problem with a patch with marbles and plaits in vowel and speech mode. I have drawn my structure in the attached graphic. I just can’t get words out of my plaits. I only hear a continuous rustling or rattling and occasionally something that sounds like words. I hope I could describe it to some extent and maybe someone knows what the problem is

I wonder if the octave setting on Plaits is too low, I think that would sound that way. Hold down the righthand button and turn the harmonics knob.

I had already tried that but without success

Try removing the two pitch outputs from morph and timbre, and then set morph and timbres attenuverters to midday.

Also adjust the gate outputs to be longer.

This simpler patch should help?

Start from the simplest thing: Marbles’ t3 output into Plaits TRIG input, and a slow clock on Marbles. Do you get words at this point? Then add the modulations one by one until things start to break. At which point do things go wrong?

If TIMBRE is set to a very low or high value (by the position of the knob or through an external modulation), the formants will be shifted so high or low that the resulting word will be unintelligible.


Thank you all. It works now. I’ve tried all things. Unfortunately I can’t say what the reason is, but I’ll find out

worked for me - I have 2 Plaits and spent last night with lovely letters and words spat out from each :slight_smile: